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testimonial-01  I finally installed the hair I bought from Celebrity Lace Wigs & Hair Extensions and it is beautiful it looks like it is my real hair! The hair itself is resilient and does not tangle or mat up. I bleached it twice to lift the color and then put a red cellophane on it. I do not recommend bleaching the hair unless you know what you are doing. I used a 30 developer and quick blue bleach ,I left it on the hair for 30 minutes then washed and conditioned the hair hung it up to dry and repeated the process a couple days later , then I applied the cellophane. I did this to match my hair color. It turned out perfect. I used a conditioner that I bought from whole foods called lack color reflect, this conditioner contains glycerin which works very well with helping the Indian hair retain moisture. I had bought 8 ounces of hair and still have about 2 1/2 ounces left ( my real hair is left out around the edges and crown of my head) I highly recommend Celebrity Lace Wigs & Extensions, I have no complaints. Perfect hair.

 Celebrity Human Hair is good quality hair, ONLY IF YOU KNOW HOW TO USE IT! this is real HUMAN HAIR so you dont need all that oil and other stuff that the african american people need for their hair. the less products that you use is the best for it. You should wash and condition it every other day for the best results. the more heat that you apply to the hair can damage it, which means (Dry out, Break, lose the pattern to the hair.) if you ever do apply heat to the hair use a plug in electric flat iron or curling iron. DO NOT use the ones that you heat up in a stove. the less heat you apply the better it will stay. Celebrity lace wig & hair prices are very low for REAL 100% HUMAN HAIR. the temples have raised their prices for the hair but Celebrity has not. she will also pay the tax for you if you pay with cash, what other place does that? this hair can last for years just depends on how well you keep care of it.  testimonial-02

testimonial-03 I been buying hair from here for a few years now. This place has the best human hair extensions in town.

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