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Funky hairstyles have become very popular in the last few years. There is no age to add a little twist to your hairstyle. Creating that interesting funky hairstyle can be done very easily, with just some smart color combinations and a little trimming here and there. A different hairstyle means a new look but a funky hairstyle means that you are ready to leave your old, boring and predictable life behind. A funky hairstyle helps to bring out the young brat in you.

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Before deciding that new look, it is important to keep in mind some tips in order to avoid being stuck with a bad haircut for months. First make sure the hairstyle you choose compliments your face perfectly and highlights your features. Also, if you have too thin, too thick or dry hair, it is better to condition them first and then get the haircut and lastly, pick out a hairstyle that suits your daily lifestyle. You can start by getting a soft funky cut first and if it suits your face, then get a more daring cut later. To help you decide that brave new look, we have listed out some styles for you to choose.

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If you have medium length hair, you can choose a funky fringe cut for your hair. To get this asymmetrical cut, get short uneven bangs and combine it with straight hair. This style is one of the most popular funky hairstyles nowadays. Another trendy haircut that is very famous these days is the pixie cut. It is a short hairstyle that is short at the back and front and long on the top of the head. Combine pixie cut with some different shade of color to get a trendy haircut. Short funky hairstyles are easy to maintain and care for; moreover, they also give you a stylish new look that is full of life and looks cute and beautiful.

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If you love being the centre of attention, then these classy long fringes will definitely get you looks of jealousy from everyone. Keeping the length of your fringes longer than the length of your hair at the back is bound to get you noticed among your peers.

A wide forehead and long fringes go hand in hand. Long side bangs and medium length hair gives you a funky yet edgy look. It also avoids features from looking too harsh. Another popular look for a funky hairstyle is to get lots of uneven and cropped layers. This look is perfect for those who want a funky and a soft look at the same time.

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Funky hairstyles look fantastic on everyone. Usually this type of haircut is most common among teenagers but now many older women have also opted for this daring cut. Moreover, this type of hairstyle has many techniques to choose from such as layered, cropped, pixie, bangs and bobs. So, don’t wait and go funky!

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