Ponytails have used for many years as a perfect addition to models hair during photo shoots. Better known as the simple girl or lazy girl hairstyle – ponytail is everyone’s favorite. Why? Obviously, because this is the easiest way you can manage the hair; whether long or short. Isn’t it? Not just for lack of time, but in this way we feel more comfortable to work with. Looks decent yet chic-&-smart!

Very recently top celebrities have been seen with some glamorous versions of ponytails. Both Jennifer Aniston and Aiswarya Rai have sleek-&-long ponytails, but you can very well notice the difference.


How To Get The Perfect Party Ponytail

Here are tips to bring you a perfect party ponytail.

1. Before making ponytail, don’t forget to apply your shiny hair-spray on wet hair, and then blow-dry using a round brush to bring it into perfect condition.

2. Gather them all and make a high ponytail using one rubber band. If you want tease the hair at the crown of your head with a fine comb.

3. If you have thicker hair, take a small section and wrap it around the band hiding the end with a pin.

4. If you have comparatively long face, leave some shorter hairs free on the forehead.

5. On the other hand if you have a round face, leave a small portion on both sides to make it look narrower. Or you can bind like Jennifer Lopez for extra-sportive look!

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