Feather Extensions

We have been  creating  Feather Hair Extension in 2010, our hair extensions are custom made by hair extensions designer Coco La Rue.  She has grown into an internationally-recognized hair extension designer. Our hair feathers come in a full spectrum of colors—from subtle and natural, to playful and wild and variety of lengths from 3 to 16 inches. These feathered hair pieces can be brushed, blow-dried, straightened and curled (up to 450°F). Basically, our feathered hair extensions can be treated like your natural hair.

Installation is easy!

You can attach feather hair extensions quickly and easily. Just pull a few strands of hair along with the feather extension through the silicon-lined micro-link. Crimp it with the hair extension clamp and you’re done.

A style for every look

Our feathers come in four distinctive fashion styles — Natural, Solid, Grizzly, and Colorful feathers that can be mixed and matched for a totally unique look.

The colors of nature woven together create subtle tones and textures in hair of any color, style or shade. Try contrasting feather patterns for a truly unique look.

Natural Unique Variant feather hair extensions come in a package of 5 single feathers to be installed individually or may be combined with other feathers of the same or different patterns and colors to create unique highlights or subtle new textures in hair. Our hair extensions feathers range between 7 & 15 inches in length.

CoCo La Rue proudly produces the highest quality feather hair extensions, created from the world’s finest feathers, her feathers can be found here at Celebrity Lace Wigs.

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