10 Reasons to Wear a Wig

Whether worn for necessity or for fun, wigs have remained ever in our lives. They have seen their ups and downs and now again they are back with bang.

There were times of oh my god! Is she wearing a wig? These were times when people were actually able to tell just by seeing whether a person is wearing a wig or not. Now with flawless wigs made by human hair no one can know and that is why wigs are in and cool to wear.

Apart from the reason that you just want to wear a wig there are other 10 reasons to wear a wig.

1. Medical Necessity is more than likely the first reason to wear a wig. Whether major hair loss is the result of chemo therapy, medication or any other serious illness or due to hereditary factors, wearing wigs can be the perfect solution for hiding hair loss. Looking great and feeling great compliments each other. They go hand in hand. If a person feels great by seeing themselves in mirror it boosts their self esteem. Especially for women their hair is their crowning glory so to be without it can be very detrimental to their confidence.


2. Hair Replacement is another reason to buy a wig. You are worried by thinning of hair and you want hair body and fullness then you should buy a wig close to your natural style.

3. It works for celebrities and actors. Actors need to transform into many characters. Wigs not only enhance their look and appeal they help them in getting into various roles without doing damage to their natural hair.

4. Have premature Gray Hair and you don’t have time to or want to color or dye your hair. Then perhaps wearing a wig is a good alternative.

5. Wigs are fun essentials for Halloween.


6. Instant glam for a special day. You have to go out and you were busy meeting the work deadlines and tidying up the kids apparently your hair is a mess! Your favorite pre styled wig comes to the rescue.


7. You like change and that too bold ones. Wigs offer endless possibilities of hair style. You want short hair for a day but don’t want to cut your tresses. You want to be red head for an evening but don’t want to hurt your hair from chemicals.


8. You are travelling and are afraid that your hair will not look good in the evening. You may consider packing a wig in your cosmetic bag.

cosmetic bag

9. Another top reason to wear a wig is that it saves all that money you spend on your salon visits. The wigs do not need to be trimmed regularly neither they have to be styled regularly.

10. Wigs actually protect your hair. Hair is the best accessory of a woman if not worn properly nothing else looks good on them. And all the effort it takes to look good takes toll on your hair. Putting a wig is far better option in every sense.

So, you’ve understood the importance of wigs, it is time you decide on the ideal type of wigs. Nowadays, lace front wigs DC constitute the largest chunk of popularity among masses.

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Coco La’Rue

Coco La’Rue is an award-winning hair extensions specialist. She has mastered the art of providing mesmerizing results, owing to her love and passion for the industry. For more than a decade, she has brought smile on the faces of millions with her great techniques and sensible utilization of hair extensions and lace wigs. Her experience as a stylist spans from television, film, wedding to print media.

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