10 Hairstyles for Big Forehead

Big foreheads are no longer a big deal. Often wide foreheads can make a face look disproportionate, however, they can be easily hidden by some of these great hairstyles.

1.    Short Waves

Short Waves
Some may think that wavy hair can make a forehead look ever bigger. Contrary to this popular belief, short waves with a middle parting can even out the face by increasing the breadth, making it look proportionate from all sides. It also cuts down an elongated face structure.

2.    Thick Fringes

Thick Fringes
This is a very popular hairstyle among girls with broad foreheads. The fringes are thick and straight and very long that they may sometimes even touch the eyes. However, girls with only straight hair texture should go for this hairstyle, as fringes with frizzy hair can be unmanageable.

3.    Side Bangs

Side Bangs
Similar to the previous hairstyle, side bangs are parted from one side to prevent them from coming in the eyes. This is a more comfortable hairstyle and an excellent choice for working women.

4.    Feathery Bangs

Feathery Bangs
Combining this hairstyle with a short wavy haircut can prove to be a good way to cover a broad forehead. Feathery Bangs decreases the length of the forehead and accentuates the lower section of your eyes.

5.    Layers with middle parting

Layers with middle parting
A shoulder length wavy haircut with lots of layers can greatly help in concealing a wide forehead. Add some curls with a middle parting can help in evening out your face.

6.    Messy bun with side fringes

Messy bun with side fringes
If you have a broad forehead, then you should avoid hairstyles, which are tight. Instead try messy and loose hairstyles that do not make your face look fraught. Combine messy hair with a loose bun and some side fringes and nobody will be looking at that wide forehead.

7.    Asymmetrical Bangs

Asymmetrical Bangs
Getting your hair cut in different lengths from the front can give you a playful look and at the same time hide your wide forehead. Combine it with a loose bun to give your hair a lot of quantity and bounce.

8.    Messy Bob Cut

Messy Bob Cut
A perfect bob cut would highlight your forehead; instead try a messy bob cut. Add some curls or loose waves to give some volume and thickness to your hair.

9.    Chinese Hairstyle

Chinese Hairstyle
This is one of the most popular hairstyles among girls with wide foreheads. Unlike a normal fringe cut that sometimes come in the way of eyes, Chinese cut has a thin layer of fringes that finishes just above the eyebrows.

10.    An Unruly Blunt Cut

An Unruly Blunt Cut
Similar to short waves, a messy blunt cut with short wavy hair is a popular way to conceal your high forehead. This hairstyle can be combined with either a middle parting or a side parting. Both look equally good in making the face look proportionate.

Therefore, no longer do you have to feel sad over a wide forehead. Try some of these new and happening hairstyles and no one will be looking at your forehead anytime soon. Lace Wigs can help you to fulfill this desire. If you live in or around Maryland, finding lace wig MD is only a few clicks away.

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